Make a statement

“An accessory doesn’t just complete an outfit, it makes it”

Statement necklaces are so-now!

Big bold beaded collars are sure to make a statement, which is exactly what I came across at work today.

I love throwing one on with a plain blouse to spice up the overall look and with these below, you can dress them up to the max, a stunning addition to the LBD or dress them down, with a chic maxi dress, or plain white tee.

These one-off pieces are in for a limited time only and once their gone….their gone, so let me know by leaving a comment if you are interested and I’ll provide all necessary info 🙂

We also saw another gorilla! buttttt it was whilst driving… and unfortunately we only managed to get the back half of the great ape.

Stay tuned for the front half. It was rather pretty as painted gorillas go, a collage of different animal prints.

Collar necklace #1


Collar necklace #1


* * *

Collar necklace 2


Collar necklace #2


* * *

Necklace #3


Necklace #3


* * *

Necklace #4

neck 1

* * *

Half a Gorilla….


Over and Out





A fresh start…

Many of you may have followed my previous blog, focusing towards my floristry (it’s still there…I’ve just started a newbie!) however I have started a new chapter in life, moving away from The Shire down to Exeter, in The West Country and have decided to share my new ventures, experiences and all things nice through a strong passion of mine, the art of photography. It is so easy these days to just pick up your smart phone, select the camera and snap away, however I hope the start of a new blog will force me to use my ‘proper job’ camera more often ( we’ll see how long that lasts! )

This first post includes the preparation of fresh mint tea, fresh strawberries, Gladioli and Devon wine. Four things that I’ve enjoyed on this dreary grey Sunday afternoon. Oh and a gorilla. These life size Great Gorillas are dotted in and around Exeter, in celebration of a local zoo, Paignton Zoo Environmental Park’s 90th birthday. Our mission is to find them ALL….. first one ‘The Not So Different’ Gorilla, situated in Southernahy, Exeter.








Fresh Mint Tea….influenced by ‘Carluccios’

Here’s me doing an awful impression of a smaller gorilla… and yes, i made a few ‘ooh ooh ahh ahh’ noises!

gorilla pic 2

Over and out,